If you were recently hired, and attempted to sign up through the "Get Started" link, and got a message that your employee number was not found, you can sign up here.

Prospective hires may sign up to use the site, but I'll only give you a month or two. If you don't get hired and don't show up on the actual list after a couple months, you'll be removed.

Please fill out the form below and hit "submit."

A successful signup will return you to the homepage, where you must log in with the employee number and password you provide below.

You will initally show as NBCNEWB, meaning no base, new pilot, FO,
until you appear on the official seniority list. Your Seniority number will be one number higher than the highest on the list, EVEN IF IT IS, FOR THE MOMENT, WRONG.

FEAR NOT. All will be corrected once you appear on Delta's official list. But
joining now will allow you to see where you will fit system wide.

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(1) Passwords are stored ecncrypted. Widgetseniority has no way of seeing what you have provided.
(2) The purpose of the email is to communicate issues to you. For example, changes or upgrades to the website.
They will NEVER be sold or shared.
(3) Birth Date is required to calculate career progression. It gives retirement date
and affects a lot of other "stuff" in the calculations, including your retirement as it affects
pilots younger than you.

Here's a few common errors-

1) First and last names not in the proper boxes.
2) First name a nickname. Stick with what's on the seniority list.