Here's a review of the different data pages. Enjoy.
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The entire seniority list is updated in the first few days of each month. The month of the current list is shown on most pages. AE results are posted and updated as soon as they can be "massaged." Turnaround varies from an hour or two depending on my availability. I got the monster one done by mid afternoon same day.

And at the top... you can enter a Seniority number and it will calculate when you'll hit it,
and show where it would put you system wide.

The seniority progression page shows your post and future seniority numbers.
Future numbers are age 65 based and do NOT include an adjustment for early retirements.

Shows the history over the past 4 years of the senior most, mid and junior most
pilots to hold a category. The yellow line shows you.

This breaks the pilot group into 500 pilot bands and shows how many of each band
are in a category, compared to another category.


The Category Lists page shows the current list on the left, and the future date list, which assumes
all outstanding AE's and displacements are converted, as well as adjusting for retirements.

If the line is blue, they're senior to you.
Compares the distribution of pilots between present day and the future list.
(Note below how the distribution of pilots in the SEA76ERA gets more junior on the future list)

If you like what you see and would like to give the site a try, Click Here.